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Online Invoice Viewer

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The online Invoice Viewer allows users to:

  • View their up-to-date account balance
  • View the most recent payment received by NYSE
  • receive monthly email reminders when new bills are available online each month
  • Re-print historical invoices
  • Add a custom purchase order number to their invoice


All billing is based on the vendor’s reporting. NYSE supports two billing models:

  1. Direct Billing:
    • For internal/external display devices and data feeds, NYSE bills the customer directly.
  2. Indirect Billing
    • For Nonprofessional users and quote metered usage, NYSE bills the vendor directly.
    • Vendor’s may elect the indirect billing model for NYSE single-tier products (i.e. OpenBook, ArcaBook, and InfoTools).
    • Vendor’s that pay for all professional subscribers they permission with NYSE CTA data may also elect the indirect billing model.

Non-payment of accounts

NYSE may request termination of an account for non-payment of monies owed on the account. Each month (usually in the middle of the month), NYSE issues a Vendor Notification Letter for all accounts with a 45 day plus past due balance. This letter is sent in hard copy to the account holder and via email to the vendor supplying the service specifying that the balance due on the account must be paid within the next 10 business days or service may be terminated. If payment is not received during this time frame, a Market Data Termination notice is issued to the vendor specifying that service to the account must be terminated within 5 business days. Should payment be received during this time, NYSE will liaise with the vendor to confirm payment receipt and that the service can continue. However, if payment still has not been received, the vendor is required to terminate the account as of the date specified and report the removal in their next inventory report. If the termination notice is not acted upon within the required timeframe, the terminating vendor may be liable for the amount owed for services provided after this deadline if the subscriber was authorized. The vendor may be liable for all services provided if the subscriber is not authorized.