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Datafeed Request

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The data feed request website allows vendor representatives to submit authorization requests for NYSE data products. Vendors are required to submit authorization requests on-line via the data feed request website (DFR) for all organizations or individuals to whom it intends to supply a data feed.

Note: In the data feed request application, NYSE refers to the firm who wishes to provide a data feed to a third party as the “Requesting Vendor”. NYSE refers to the firm who wishes to receive the data feed as the “Applicant Vendor”.

Request creation and submission

The requesting vendor logs into the data feed request website and creates the request. The data feed installation location and contact information is required. The requesting vendor also selects the relevant product(s) from the list of products they are approved to offer.

Note: If the request covers both the Consolidated Network A Data and NYSE PDP products, two separate requests are required. However, the same VAN may be used for multiple products. Requests for service (and subsequent approvals) are specifically limited to the product and VAN on the request.

Review of the request and related paperwork

After the request is submitted, an automated email is sent to the contact person entered on the request. The email contains instructions and links to required documents, as well as the name, phone and email address of the NYSE Account Manager assigned to the account (vendor applicant). The required Agreements and Exhibits depend on criteria such as:

  • Does the customer (vendor applicant) already receive any CTA or NYSE Data? If so, what type? i.e. Real-time CTA, Delayed CTA, OpenBook, NYSE Alerts, NYSE InfoTools, etc
  • Does the customer already have a Vendor Agreement and Exhibit A on file with the NYSE?
  • What individuals will view the data? i.e., employees, nonprofessionals, third party professionals (non-employees)
  • What pricing model will be used? i.e. unlimited vs. metered usage

Once all documentation has been received, the NYSE Account Manager will set the status of the request to “under review” and begin reviewing the documentation. If the documentation is not complete, or more information is required, the Account Manager will use the data feed request application to inform (via email) the requesting vendor and applicant vendor and change the status of the request to “awaiting info”.

The application logs all status changes and outbound emails so the requesting vendor may view them at any time. As soon as the proper Agreements and Exhibit A’s have been submitted to NYSE and reviewed, the NYSE Account Manager will mark the request “Completed”, which means that the request has been approved. Again, please note that the approval is only for the product specified in the request, and no other product(s).

Cancellation of a request

The requesting vendor may cancel the request on the website anytime prior to NYSE approval. For example, the applicant vendor may notify the requesting vendor that they no longer wish to pursue receiving the feed.

NYSE may also cancel a request if:

  • Appropriate documentation is not received within a six month period
  • There is an issue with the information submitted in the request i.e. a duplicate request, incorrect VAN, etc
  • The account has a receivables issue or is overdue with its reporting obligation


After the request is approved, an automated email is sent to both the applicant and requesting vendor acknowledging approval. If appropriate, the NYSE Account Manager will send a letter confirming the approved products and reporting obligations, along with any Exhibit A(‘s) and countersigned Agreement(s) to the applicant vendor.

New vendor applicant approvals are assigned a Vendor Prefix.

Unauthorized datafeeds

There are two types of unauthorized data feeds:

  1. Unauthorized data feed with a pending request:
    • The NYSE Account Manager will continue to work to secure the necessary contracts (Agreement and Exhibits) from the customer.
    • If the customer has not completed and returned the contracts within 10 business days (from date of request) the NYSE will cancel the data feed request and the vendor must terminate the data feed. The NYSE will then bill the vendor for the unauthorized service. If the customer still wishes to receive a data feed, the vendor must submit a new request, and the authorization process will begin again.
  2. Without a pending request:
    • If the customer wants to continue receiving the service, the vendor should immediately submit a request to the NYSE.
    • If the customer does not want to continue to receive the service, the vendor must de-permission the NYSE access and report the removal to the NYSE. The vendor will be billed for the time period the service was active.

A list of unauthorized data feed products can be viewed by navigating to the location list in the data feed request website. To search for all unauthorized data feeds, select the unauthorized box and all unauthorized locations will appear in red.

At any time, the NYSE can request that the unauthorized service be terminated and the vendor will be billed the charges for the time period the service was active.

It is the vendor’s responsibility to review their unauthorized accounts through the subscriber authorization and data feed request sites on a regular basis (at least once every 30 days).