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   NYSE Zebra Edge Index Premium Package  

Daily reports that provide detailed daily index composition and weights, daily detailed composition changes, daily and historical index values and index periodic rebalance changes for NYSE Zebra Edge Indices.

The NYSE Zebra Edge Index Premium product is comprised of:
  • Components reports (carrying detailed composition data)
  • Detailed Component Change reports (carrying daily index composition change information including additions, deletions, share changes, identifier changes, among others) and period index rebalance information
  • Summary reports consisting of carrying index levels, divisors, and market capitalization

The End The End of Day reports (EOD) are published from 7pm to 9pm ET and the Next Day reports (NXTD), which carry data adjusted for corporate actions/index reviews, are published from 9pm to 11pm ET.

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NYSE Zebra Edge Index File Layouts v1.0

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