NYSE American Integrated Feed  

The new NYSE American Integrated Feed provides a comprehensive order-by-order view of events in the NYSE American equities market. This single high-performance product integrates orders and trades in sequence, providing a more deterministic and transparent view of the order book and related activity.

The Integrated feed provides a view of the NYSE American market at a level of clarity and determinism that has never been available before.

Comprehensive Market Data Content
Includes full depth order by order data, trades, auction imbalances, and security status messages. Enhanced message structures provide insight into the NYSE American order books' parity model.

Sequence Transparency
For any given symbol, all updates are provided in deterministic sequence, virtually eliminating ambiguities.

The same great performance clients already enjoy with the Arca XDP feeds can be expected from the NYSE American Integrated feed.

Common XDP Market Data Format
The NYSE American Integrated feed is part of the XDP family which enables minimal development and maintenance effort across NYSE markets and all XDP feeds.

Instruments Covered
Stock, ETFs, Equities

Markets Covered
NYSE American
Included Data

NYSE American Integrated Feed

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Production Q2 2017 NYSE American Integrated Feed Client Specification v2.1
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