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NYSE Bonds market data consists of three feeds: 1) NYSE Bonds Depth of Book--live and executable bid and offers displayed on the full order book, 2) NYSE Bonds BBO--realtime top of book, and 3) NYSE Bonds Trades--realtime last sale prices and sizes.

NYSE Bonds operates the largest centralized corporate bond market in the U.S., providing an opportunity for participants to trade bonds in a fair, open environment. On NYSE Bonds, firm and executable orders entered by members or sponsored participants are displayed on the order book, and executed on a strict price/time priority. Participants control their orders on our NYSE Bonds trading platform, adjusting orders and executing as they see fit. NYSE Bonds is dedicated to creating transparency and increasing liquidity in the U.S. Bond markets.

What's included:

Data for bond issues eligible for trading consist of corporate debt of any NYSE listed equity or preferred and their wholly owned subsidiaries and debt listed on the Exchange. The NYSE Bonds data feeds are available between the hours of 3:30 AM ET and 8:00 PM ET, and provide this data with message latencies under 5 milliseconds.

To learn more and select the right solution to suit your situation, please contact NYSE Market Data Sales & Account Management. Alternatively please contact the service desk at +1 (212) 383-3640 or toll free (866) 873-7422.

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NYSE Bonds

NYSE Bonds provides full limit order depth of book information. NYSE Bonds can be obtained over TCP/IP through SFTI or via data vendors. Available data includes: Complete limit order book for NYSE Bonds Auction imbalance and pricing information for the NYSE Bonds opening, closing and halt auctions.

Also includes a NYSE Bonds Last Sale Feed.
NYSE Bonds Client Specification Documents
Current Version v1.07a NYSE Bonds Trades Client Specification
Current Version v1.2a NYSE Bonds Quotes Client Specification
Current Version v4.0.1b NYSE Bonds Depth of Book Client Specification
All Versions NYSE Bonds Client Specifications

A quick reference of where to find specific information about NYSE Bonds - Daily Bond Symbol List:
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NYSE Bonds List

Without CUSIP:
Basic symbol list

NYSE Bonds Depth of Book Sample Data: Snoop-cnv pcap
Connectivity is primarily available via FIX but there are also several OMS providers that are connected. For more connectivity information please visit:

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