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Reminder: Changes to NYSE Group Short Interest Rate Schedule and File Layout Effective January 2016  11/9/2015

In Brief NYSE is introducing rate and technical changes effective January 1, 2016

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NYSE would like to remind clients subscribing to the NYSE Group Short Interest product of upcoming licensing and rate changes effective January 1, 2016, as follows:


Monthly Rate Effective January 1 2016

NYSE Group Short Interest - Access


NYSE Group Short Interest – Internal Use


NYSE Group Short Interest – External Redistribution

External Use:


0-49 End-Users:                                      $3,000


50-499 End-Users:                                 $5,000


>499 End-Users:                                     $8,000



Licensing and New Contract Execution:

As a reminder to the previously sent notice on August 20, 2015 (
click here to see previous notice), the new licensing model and fee schedule for the NYSE Group Short Interest product will become effective on January 1, 2016.

New contracts reflecting the updated commercial policies associated with the product will need to be signed by completing an online order on the following product page:

Clients can now log into their nyxdata.com account and click “Buy Now” on the product page to access and complete the online order process which will generate a pre-filled Exhibit A once the order submitted.

Clients currently holding an external redistribution license, including display, firm or use, will be assigned to the highest end user band.  Clients are requested to contact their NYSE Account Manager where external use may fall below the highest user band in order to report their use to establish the corresponding charges.

Technical File Enhancements:

The new NYSE Group Short Interest product will now include additional content such as public float, days-to-cover ratios and additional calculations to provide greater transparency in-between settlement period changes to clients. 

The new layout specifications can be found on the NYSE Group Short Interest Client Specifications document

Sample files for the enhanced product can be found on our public FTP directory

Customer Technical Migration Details to the New File Layout:

The new NYSE Group Short Interest file layout is now available on ftp2.nyxdata.com in its existing FTP directory for customers to access and test the new file format for the bi-weekly September 2015 and October 2015 Settlement Dates:

  • Existing/Legacy File name: EQY_US_NYSE_REF_SHORTINT_YYYYMMDD

NYSE will deliver both the legacy and new files on the FTP directory until March 1, 2016. Only the new file layout will be posted on the FTP after March 1, 2016. 

Customers receiving the data through our e-mail and online data viewer services will only receive the new file starting the first Settlement Date of January 2016 (2016 Schedule to be provided by FINRA at a later date).

Technical Migration Summary:

Distribution Method

Legacy File Layout

Enhanced File Layout

E-Mail Delivery

No longer available as of January 2016 Settlement Period

Available starting January 2016 Settlement Period

Online Data Viewer Delivery

No longer available as of January 2016 Settlement Period

Available starting January 2016 Settlement Period

FTP Delivery

Available until March 1 2016 in:

Available from October 2015 Settlement Period in:




under file name: under file name:





where YYYYMMDD: Settlement Date for the period where YYYYMMDD: Settlement Date for the period

Should you have questions please contact your Account Manager or the Administration Team at as detailed above.

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