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NEW Options Analytics Product  4/20/2012

In Brief NYSE Technologies informs clients of the forthcoming Options Analytics market data product.

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NYSE Technologies would like to inform clients that the forthcoming Options Analytics product is expected to launch Q2 2012.

Options Analytics is a real-time market data feed that includes implied volatilities and Greeks for listed options, monitoring the entire U.S. OPRA Composite NBBO feed and U.S. Level 1 Composite feeds for underlying stocks and indices. This low-latency, ready-to-use data feed will provide critical analytical content for options market participants.

Options Analytics will serve the following client needs:

1. High Value Data

  • Implied volatility and Greek data required to trade, analyze, and risk manage options positions and portfolios
  • Underlying market data (bid/ask and volume)
2. Ease of Implementation and Low-Latency Delivery
  • Calculated using GPU-based solution capable of parallel processing hundreds of thousands of option series
  • Potentially available in multiple data formats
3. Reduced Overhead Cost
  • Reduces the cost customers must incur to calculate this internally and provide to external options trading clients
4. Validation Point and Industry Benchmark
  • Providing a readily available volatility feed will supply customers with a standard version of the necessary analytical data to use as either a primary source of data or a back up against which to check their own internal calculations
To find out more about Options Analytics, please visit the product page.

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For further details on Options Analytics, please contact NYSE Technologies Sales at +1 (212) 510-3600 or [email protected].

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