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Colocation Connectivity

Colocation in Mahwah offers participants the most direct route to NYSE market data and trading venues. Customers who colocate in Basildon are afforded the most direct route to ICE and Euronext exchanges housed at that location.

Connecting to NYSE markets with Colocation
Customers can choose how to access the production environment inside the Liquidity Center via two distinct, resilient network services at port capacities ranging from 1Gb to 40Gb:

* The high performance SFTI Liquidity Center Network (SFTI LCN) offers fast, dedicated connectivity from the colo cabinet to market data and trading gateways

* The SFTI Network wide area network provides a cost-effective connection to NYSE markets with additional access to external trading venues and services

Simplified Connectivity Into Colocation
Customers are able to connect into colocation from other locations using a number of options – either using their existing SFTI connections, via carrier circuits or via the dedicated SFTI Optic DWDM service.

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The SFTI® Self Service Portal is a free tool which offers registered SFTI clients the ability to check on their SFTI service status in near-real time.

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