Billing and Account Support
Welcome to the NYSE Market Data Billing Customer Service web site. This site was designed to facilitate NYSE, subscriber, and vendor communications involving customer account changes and discrepancies. To get started, please choose from the categories below:

Account Information Changes

Account Profile Change
Make changes to your Company Name, Contact Info, Address, Etc.

Account Cancellation
Notify the NYSE of a vendor-provided service that has been cancelled or no longer exists

Purchase Order Payment Request
Request a P. O. number be included on your NYSE invoice

For NYSE Accounts:

Account Split/Consolidation
Transfer inventory and devices between NYSE accounts

Third Party/Soft Dollar Billing
Activate or cancel Third Party or Soft Dollar Billing arrangements

Billing Issues

Invoice/Billing Discrepancies
The dollar amount or inventory quantities amount billed are incorrect
Invoice Reprint
Request copies of past invoices
Account Balance
Find out your current account balance
Payment Status
Find out if the NYSE received your recent payment(s)
For NYSE Accounts:

*** Great News! ***
NYSE Market Data invoices are now available online. To begin accessing your invoices and checking your firm's account balance, simply register at and launch our online invoice viewer. You will need to add your account using your NYSE account number and a recent invoice number.

Balance Transfers
Transfer dollar amount adjustments between two existing NYSE accounts
Refund Request
For accounts with no inventory and an outstanding credit balance
Electronic Invoices
Register to receive your invoices electronically via our online Invoice Viewer

Frequently Asked Questions

Invoice Questions:
Why am I receiving an invoice?
Why do I receive an invoice from my vendor(s) and the NYSE?
What is CTA data?
What is NYSE OpenBook?
Professional Display Device Rate Schedule
My invoice shows a charge for Indirect Access – Stock – LS (or BA). What does this mean?
Why do some line items appear on my invoice with my company's name?
Service Cancellations:
How do I cancel my service?
I already cancelled my service with my vendor(s). Why am I still receiving an invoice?
End Users:
What individuals at my firm are using this service?
Name Changes:
What do I need to do if my company’s name has changed?
Payment Issues:
What is my Account Balance/ Did you receive my last payment?
Can you send my bill to a Third Party or Soft Dollar for payment?
My service was turned off due to nonpayment.
How do I wire transfer my payment to the NYSE?
Where do I submit a Tax Exempt Certification, W-9 Tax form and other tax documentation for NYSE completion?
What are the text files that I see next to each invoice in the invoice viewer?