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The Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure® (SFTI®) provides a reliable, robust, scalable, survivable and efficient computing and networking infrastructure to support the securities industry. SFTI® simplifies customer connectivity by serving as a central access facility for trading systems, clearing and settlement systems, market data distribution, and other core securities industry utilities.

Once connected to the SFTI network, our members benefit from ultra-low latency, full redundancy, and efficiency of individual connections over a single unified network.  This connectivity allows traders to leverage our transactional connectivity and data management technologies combined with an integrated community of partner solution providers.

The SFTI network provides access, directly via the backbone or through extended reach with extranet partners, to all NYSE Euronext markets and connects over 1,300 participants in the U.S. to almost every major market in North America, and is being rolled out across markets in Europe.

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The SFTI® Self Service Portal is a free tool which offers registered SFTI® clients the ability to check on their SFTI® service status in near-real time.

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