Product Summaries
NYSE Alerts

Includes the day’s status messages regarding halts, MOC/LOC imbalances and pre-opening indications for both NYSE listed and NYSE AlterNext listed stocks

Trade Date20 Jul 2017
Pre-Opening Indications0


NYSE Group Corporate Actions

Provides corporate actions for all equities listed on the NYSE, Amex and NYSE Arca market centers, including cash dividends, stock dividends, distributions and stock splits

Date15 Mar 2017
Splits Declared0
Splits Effective0
Dividends Declared0
Dividends Paid3

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Round Lot Activity
Date20 Jul 2017
Non-Specialist Purchases346,777,899
Non-Specialist Sales641,964,589
Non-Specialist Short Sales294,790,590
Specialist Purchases54,964,761
Specialist Total Sales45,687,300
Specialist Short Sales9,675,461


Odd Lot Activity
Date20 Jul 2017
Odd Lot Purchases55,304,334
Odd Lot Sales28,732,129
Odd Lot Short Sales26,570,305
Odd Lot Purchases Dol Vol$3,394,730,242
Odd Lot Other Sales Dol Vol$1,730,966,935
Odd Lot Short Sales Dol Vol$1,663,654,293


NYSE Closing Summary

Shows the Open/High/Low/Last prices and Total Volume for all NYSE-listed

Trade Date20 Jul 2017
Total Volume759,915,929
Average Price$109.14
Number of Issues3,560
Advance-Decline Ratio1.0


National Market Volume

Provides total trades, volume and dollar volume by market center (exchange) in each NYSE-traded issue

Trade Date20 Jul 2017
NYSE Trades2,421,978
NYSE Volume917,956,126
NYSE Dollar Volume$38,961,752,165


Crossing Sessions
Trade Date
Crossing Session 1 (shares)
Crossing Session 2 (shares)
Crossing Session 3 (shares)
Crossing session 4 (shares)


Volume Summary

Detailed breakdown of NYSE and AMEX Trading activity by share size, number of trades, short sales, odd-lot volume, VWAP, etc.

Trade Date20 Jul 2017
Total Shares921,688,788
0-2,000 Share Trades2,391,608
2,001-5,000 Share Trades21,610
5,001-10,000 Share Trades5,969
Block (10,000+ Share) Trades5,765
Round-Lot Volume1,318,768,323
Odd-Lot Volume0
SDOT Short Sales371,370,077
SDOT Buy664,573,856
SDOT Sell654,194,467