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   TAQ NYSE American OpenBook   (TAQ NYSE MKT OpenBook)

TAQ NYSE American OpenBook data is available on a historical/end-of-day basis in flat file format, which enables users to recreate the limit order book for any given time.

TAQ NYSE American OpenBook lets traders see limit-order volume at every bid and offer price for more depth-of-market data and raising the NYSE American market to an even greater level of transparency.

Instruments Covered

Markets Covered
NYSE American
  • OngoingDirect & indirect

    $1,000 / month
    12 months minimum subscription
    includes 12 months back history

  • Back HistoryDirect & indirect

    Table depicting the pricing options available
    First 12 months $1,000 / month
    12+ months $500 / month
  • Redistribution

    Additional fees apply for redistribution. Please contact [email protected].

Included Data

TAQ NYSE American OpenBook Ultra

Daily files available via FTP containing all NYSE American OpenBook Ultra data for the previous day's trading.

TAQ NYSE American OpenBook Aggregated

Academic Customers
TAQ NYSE American OPENBOOK - Accredited Academic Institutions
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