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   NYSE Trades  

NYSE Trades feed is a real-time data feed providing the NYSE Last Sale for all NYSE-traded securities.

Data Elements covered in the Trades feed
• Trades/Last Sale data
• Security status messages

Benefits of the Digital Media License

Publish Data in Multiple Channels
This product offers a new way to use NYSE market data by providing easier access to the increasing array of media and communications devices. For example, a television broadcaster can now display the above data feeds during market-related television programming, on their website, and allow their viewers to view the data via their mobile devices.

Reduced Costs
The digital offerings, spanning each of our equity exchanges: NYSE, NYSE Arca and NYSE American, provide Internet and media organizations a more affordable option to redistribute the Exchange’s last sale content.

Reduced Administrative Burdens
The digital offering reduces administrative burdens by eliminating reporting obligations for media providers. Since the vendors no longer have to differentiate between professional and nonprofessional subscribers, their administrative efforts have been reduced.

Access Options/Data Delivery
NYSE Trades is available directly from the NYSE
->via an electronic data feed through SFTI
->via most market data vendors

Please contact [email protected] for more information

Instruments Covered

Markets Covered
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NYSE Trades

NYSE Trades Feed Client Specification Documents
Current production NYSE Trades Feed Client Specification v2.3g
All Versions All NYSE Trades Feed Client Specifications
XDP Common Client Specification Documents
Current Production XDP Common Client Specification v2.0m
All versions All XDP Common Client Specifications
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