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   NYSE Master File/Glossary  

The NYSE Master File/Glossary is available at approximately 5:30 am each trading day. The file contains Stock Master information, Symbol, Company Name, CUSIP Number, Trade Unit, Shares Outstanding, Authorized Shares, Index, Industry, Industry Code, ITS Issue, Ex Dividend, Ex Distribution, Ex Rights, 19C3 Indicator and Bankruptcy indicator for NYSE and NYSE MKT-listed equities.

The NYSE Master File/Glossary is available in Text & Excel formats and can be delivered via email, FTP, or Downloaded from the website.

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Included Data

NYSE Master File/Glossary

Field NameData Type *Description
1SymbolText (18)NYSE Stock Symbol
2CompanyText (308)Corporate Name of NYSE Listed Company
3CUSIPText (9)Standard and Poor's nine digit identifier of securities trading in the United States
4Unit of TradeNumber (0)(Trade Unit) Unit of Trade (in shares)
5Shares OutNumber (0)(Shares Outstanding) The number of authorized shares in a company that are held by investors, including employees and executives of that company. (Un-issued shares and treasury shares are not included in this figure)
6Auth ShareNumber (0)(Authorized Shares) The number of shares that a corporation is permitted to issue
7IndexText (1)Ignore
8IndustryText (100)(Industry Code) A numeric code that identifies each NYSE industry category
9Ind CodeText (4)Industrial category assigned by the NYSE. Please visit the following page for the industry code mapping
10ITS-ISSUEText (1)Issue the trades on other exchanges and can be routed to another exchange if a better price is provided
11STK SPLITText (1)(Stock Split)
12EX-DIVText (1)(Ex Dividend) Share price quoted on the basis that the seller is entitled to the current dividend on the share
13EX-DISTText (1)(Ex Distribution) Referring to a unit in a unit trust which is trading such that the seller is entitled to receive the next distribution of income from the trust.
14EX-RIGHTSText (1)The period in which a new purchaser of a stock is not entitled to participate in the recently declared rights offering
1519C3IndText (1)(19C3 Indicator) An indication of stocks which can trade off the exchange and are not subject to sec rule 390
16BkrptIndText (1)(Bankruptcy Indicator) Indicates a stock that trades and has filed for bankruptcy

* If the data type is 'Text', the number in parentheses is the length. If the data type is 'Number', the number of decimal places is shown in parentheses. And if the data type is 'Date', the date/time mask is shown in parentheses.
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'>
    <xs:schema xmlns:xs='' >
        <xs:complexType name='StockIssueMaster' >
                <xs:element name='Symbol' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='IssuerName' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='CUSIP' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='UOT' type='xs:int' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='SharesOut' type='xs:int' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='AuthShares' type='xs:int' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='Index' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='Industry' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='IndCode' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='ITSissue' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='StockSplit' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='ExDiv' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='ExDist' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='ExRights' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='Ind19C3' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='BkrptInd' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
        <xs:element name='NYSEStockMaster' >
                    <xs:element name='StockIssueMaster' type='StockIssueMaster' ></xs:element>
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NYSE Master File/Glossary
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