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   Euronext NextHistory Equity Derivatives Intraday  

NextHistory Derivatives provides comprehensive historical end-of-day and tick data for all equity derivatives traded on Euronext Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, London and Paris.

Tick data includes all trades and best bid/offer prices, but does not include historical depth of market information.

NextHistory data is available up until 31 December 2010. For data beyond this date, clients should refer to the 'TAQ Europe' historical data product.

To request additional information or subscribe to the Euronext NextHistory Equity Derivatives Intraday product please contact us.

Instruments Covered

Markets Covered
Euronext Derivatives
Included Data
History: 1 Jan 2000 - 31 Dec 2010


Field Description
Date Follows the format d-MMM-yyyy, where MMM is in upper case. If the day of the month is less than 10, there is a space appended at the beginning of the record.
Contract code Contract code is for example VOD. The Exchange Code of the instrument is encoded in the file name (first character).
Delivery date  In format MMMyy, where MMM is in upper case
Contact type C (Call), P (Put), F (Futures)
Exercise price Exercise price of the instrument. Can include additional zeros on the left side of the number. Futures instruments should have 0 or empty value in this column.
Volume Number of traded instruments for the day
Estimated/Yesterdays Volume Some files don’t include this value
Open interest Number of open positions at the end of the trading day
Open Open price for the security
Open first Some files don’t include this value
Open last Some files don’t include this value
High Highest price achieved during the trading day.
Low Lowest price of the trade during the trading day.
Close Price of the instrument at close of the trading day.
Filler Empty
Filler Empty
Filler Empty
Closing offer Offer price at close
Closing bid Bid price at close
History: 1 Jan 1992 - 31 Dec 2010
Ask, Bid and Trade (plus volume) recorded during each trading day
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