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   NYSE Group Short Interest  

The new NYSE Group Short Interest File is a semi-monthly file that contains the reported uncovered short positions of securities listed on NYSE, NYSE Arca and NYSE American.

The data is reported by Broker Dealers in accordance to NYSE Rule 4521. The file also contains the previous reporting period's and can be delivered via email, FTP, or downloaded from the position and the average daily volume of all NYSE, NYSE Arca and NYSE American issues. The file is available in a Text or Excel format website.

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Instruments Covered

Markets Covered
NYSE American, NYSE Arca, NYSE
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Included Data

NYSE Group Short Interest

Field NameData Type *Description
1SymbolText (12)Stock Symbol (Root) Ex. VIA
2SuffixText (10)Stock Symbol (Suffix) Ex. B
3Stock_DescriptionText (75)Corporate Name of Listed Company
4Stock_SplitText (1)S=That the security has undergone a stock split during the current reporting period
5Prev_RevText (1)R=That the security's short interest for the previous reporting period has been revised
6Avg_Daily_VolNumber (0)(Average Daily Volume) The average share volume in each security for a given reporting period
7Curr_Short_PosNumber (0)(Current Reporting Period Position) The current reporting period total of uncovered open short interest positions in a particular security.
8Prev_Short_PosNumber (0)(Previous Reporting Period Position) The previous reporting period total of uncovered open short interest positions in a particular security
9Curr_Short_Pos_DescText (75)If the Current Short Position is blank, this field explains why.
10Prev_Short_Pos_DescText (75)If the Previous Short Position is blank, this field explains why.
11Market_CategoryText (10)The Market Center where the issue is listed. Three possible values, NYSE, ARCA, AMEX.

* If the data type is 'Text', the number in parentheses is the length. If the data type is 'Number', the number of decimal places is shown in parentheses. And if the data type is 'Date', the date/time mask is shown in parentheses.
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'>
    <xs:schema xmlns:xs='' >
        <xs:complexType name='IssueShortInterest' >
                <xs:element name='SymbolRoot' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='SymbolSuffix' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='IssueName' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='StockSplit' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='PrevRev' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='AvgDailyVol' type='xs:int' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='CurrentShortPos' type='xs:int' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='PrevShortPos' type='xs:int' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='CurrentShortPosDesc' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='PrevShortPosDesc' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
        <xs:element name='ShortInterest' >
                    <xs:element name='IssueShortInterest' type='IssueShortInterest' ></xs:element>
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