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   NYSE Bond Master  

NYSE Bond Master contains daily end-of-the day data which includes a list of all NYSE Bonds and their attributes as of current day's trading.

The NYSE Listed Bonds File is available each trading day at approximately 8:00pm. The file contains symbol, issuer, CUSIP, interest rate, maturity date, underlying, and more (see specifications).

A daily changes (Delta) file is also available. The NYSE Bond File is available in Text & Excel formats and can be delivered via email, FTP, or downloaded from the website.

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Included Data

NYSE Bond Master

Field NameData Type *Description
1Bond_symbolText (76)Underlying + Alt Symbol + Suffix
2Issuer_nameText (255)Corporate Name of issuer and Security Description
3Cusip_idText (10)CUSIP Identity of the Security
4Interest_rateNumber (5)The Coupon Rate of the Security
5Maturity_dateDate (mm/dd/yyyy)The Date the Bond Matures
6Face_valueNumber (0)The Amount Payable per Bond at Maturity
7UnderlyingText (20)The Common Stock Symbol of the issuer if there is one. Blank if no common stock
8Alt_SymbolText (50)An Alternative Symbol is assigned if there is not an underlying security or when the bond is issued by a wholly owned subsidiary
9SuffixText (6)Used for additional identification information. Current contains the maturity year and may be followed by an incrementing alpha character to differentiate securities from the same issuer that have the same maturity date
10Issue_typeText (50)
11Bypass_clearingText (30)Where the bond clears if it cleared by NYSE NSCC = National Securities Clearing Corporation FICC = Fixed Income Securities Corporation No Clearing = Clearing is the responsibility of the trade parties
12Currency_codeText (30)Denotes the currency and or settlement cycle for the security. Possible values include Regular Way, Cash, Next Day, T-2, British Pounds, Euros, Deutsche Mark, Japanese Yen, and Mexican Peso
13FlatText (50)When the bond is trading “Flat” meaning it is trading without accrued interest
14BankruptText (30)C = Called D = De-listed X = Ex-interest M = Missed Interest Payment Q = Bankrupt L = Late Filing B = Below Listing Standards A = Late Filing and Below Listing Standards F = Bankrupt and Late Filing S = Bankrupt and Below Listing Standards
15ExchangeText (50)N = Listed on NYSE Unlisted = Traded on NYSE

* If the data type is 'Text', the number in parentheses is the length. If the data type is 'Number', the number of decimal places is shown in parentheses. And if the data type is 'Date', the date/time mask is shown in parentheses.
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'>
    <xs:schema xmlns:xs='' >
        <xs:complexType name='BondIssueMaster' >
                <xs:element name='Symbol' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='IssuerName' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='Cusip_id' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='Interest_rate' type='xs:float' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='Maturity_date' type='xs:date' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='Face_value' type='xs:int' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='Underlying' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='Alt_Symbol' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='Suffix' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='Issue_type' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='Bypass_clearing' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='Currency_code' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='Flat' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='Bankrupt' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
                <xs:element name='Exchange' type='xs:string' ></xs:element>
        <xs:element name='NYSEBondMaster' >
                    <xs:element name='BondIssueMaster' type='BondIssueMaster' ></xs:element>
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