Data Products

Types of products available

  • Real-Time Data Low-latency datafeeds available directly from NYSE Technologies, from CTA, or from dozens of authorized market data vendors        
  • Historical Data Complete tick-by-tick data for Trades, Quotes, and Depth of Book data
  • Summary Data Trading activity summarized for each security
  • Reference Data Information about securities, indices, and corporate actions

Markets represented

  • NYSE Market data from the NYSE exchange
  • NYSE Arca Market data from the NYSE Arca exchange
  • NYSE Amex Market data from the NYSE Amex exchange

Assets covered

  • Equities ...and other things traded like equities. Stocks, ETFs, warrants and certificates
  • Bonds Corporate and government bonds
  • Derivatives Options and futures
  • Indices Index pricing and reference data
  • MortgageMortgage related products