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  • Arca Book Web

    Complete limit order book for NYSE Arca's trading in listed securities, as well as the ArcaEdge (OTCBB) platform.

  • Custom TAQ

    Create customized trade reports from all NMS markets for as little as $2

  • Broker Volume Web

    Web-based reports of aggregate volume executed by each entering (introducing) member firm.

NYSE Broker Volume

Broker Volume provides web-based reports of aggregate volume executed by each entering (introducing) member firm. Reports are available daily, monthly, yearly, or for any custom timeframe. Reports can be created for a given stock, index, industry sector or by member firm.

Trade Date22 Apr 2014
Total Purchases & Sales2,578,018,274
Firm nameVolume 
Merrill Lynch202,053,8477.8%
Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC178,918,7476.9%
Morgan Stanley171,891,4936.7%
JP Morgan Securities116,888,6754.5%
Goldman Sachs Execution & Clearing, LP112,656,9094.4%
Barclays Capital, Inc.101,427,5563.9%
Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.69,809,7842.7%
RBC Capital Markets Corp58,702,0002.3%
Citigroup Global Markets Inc.46,477,5471.8%

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NYSE Group Corporate Actions

Provides corporate actions for all equities listed on the NYSE, Amex and NYSE Arca market centers, including cash dividends, stock dividends, distributions and stock splits

Date23 Apr 2014
Splits Declared0
Splits Effective0
Dividends Declared56
Dividends Paid14

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